Tuesday, 14 May 2013

An Advanced stop motion clip

Mechanical Pixies
Script by Loucas & Gareth

Stop motion & video footage clip about two Pixies helping an unlucky motorcyclist. It starts off with a man attempting to kick start his motorbike then eventually he gives up and kicks his bike with anger and leaves. It is there for a while, and then the two Pixies appear magically. They approach and start fixing the bike. They remove the plastics off and then one of them gets an electric shock. He tumbled of the bike on to the floor and smoke appears to be coming off him due to the voltage. The other Pixie helps him up and dramatically shouts to him to be more careful. They continue fixing the lights, change the oil, and then they finally sit down to rest. It shines like a new penny the motorcycle.
The man shows up on the phone to his mechanic, he gets amazed by the sight of the bike. He decided to take the bike for a test drive and figure out what miracle has come his way. The music stops dramatically when he confronts the bike. By mistake he runs over a sleeping pixie and squashes him to bits. It is a story which is about being helpful to people. Showing how tough life can be nowadays and how good deeds can go down for unsung Heroes, and get you killed. Yet again show an indirect message towards the viewers that miracles can happen to anyone. Dramatic ending intervened with dead funny squish.
It will contain plenty Computer Graphic Imagery, with some mixed-media elements. Panning, from left to right with the camera angles, slice of life, and push inns. We will also synchronize some music with the motion throughout clip. The little Pixies will be extremely hard to work with under the rays of the hot sun, yet in comparison we will need the scene to be quite sunny for a great focus. The music will be a licensed free music song called “The end” and the artists who made it are Epic Soul Factory.

mechanical pixie

Monday, 13 May 2013

final today gc

Gesture Drawings
These were done after a few months away from the classes.. I felt a bit behind, because once you start doing it kind of regular, it is easier to draw, and you can progress and add, and evolve. But if you stop, you have to give a bit more time to catch up.As one of my teachers used to say - art is a "jealous lover".
Svetla Radivoeva

She worked on Wreak it Ralf the cartoon. She is 21 and I have asked her to send me a sample of the characters gestures which she has created quite recently.