Friday, 22 March 2013


Today we decided on our buttons,. which would fit most appropriately. also we decided the colors and best symbols to fit universally for our main commands for the game. A graphic designer and programmer can work together but their work flow can differ at points, today i thought that the programming part could brake down a 'psd' apart like a piece of cake, but they wanted it separably.. we are progressing and looking forward to our further work for the game.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

field trip

The previous week we went down to see our games places and find interesting places to add into our games hot-spots. we went to Lydras, the bus-stops, and Fanioromeni Church, in which i found extremely amazing for our games story. The star of David, and the Illuminati Eye on the other side of the Church. That side of the church could be were the Ghost/ mummy could be and the game could direct our players their by chance yet it could appear and haunt the players throughout the game? just a suggestion..